Deutsch Orchestra - Vision

“Experience the wonderfully unique culture and remarkable musical variety of Europe!” This is the distinctive mission of the INTERNATIONAL DANUBE PHILHARMONIC, a new international orchestra consisting of the finest musicians hailing from countries through which the Danube River flows. This unique orchestra, founded in 2002, prides itself in representing the spirit and rich cultural heritage of Central Europe.

Working towards achieving the political and cultural objectives to integrate the countries situated along the Danube River, the INTERNATIONAL DANUBE PHILHARMONIC serves as an inspirational, artistic and professional medium through which this objective is made possible.

Its members include the best symphonic musicians who - together with highly gifted members of the Orchestra Academy, promoted by members of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra - devote themselves to selected orchestral projects.

The orchestra has performed for the 10th Anniversary of the Slovak Republic, at the opening ceremony of the Hungarian Selye Janos University in Komarno, Slovakia, with the Vienna Boys Choir at the opening concert of the Austrian “Millstätter Musikwochen” and at the Festival Concert that celebrated the 15th anniversary of the Austrian Library in Maribor, Slovenia. For the 250th birthday of W.A.Mozart the orchestra performed a series of his famous “Requiem” together with the University of Montana Chamber Chorale/USA. In addition to performing the rich symphonic and operatic repertoire ranging from the music of Bach to that of the 21st century, the IDP's main focus is the promotion of contemporary composers who live in “Danube countries”, through radio and television broadcast recordings and CDs.

Since the orchestra was founded, the principal conductor has been Georg Kugi. The chairman of the Honorary Board of the INTERNATIONAL DANUBE PHILHARMONIC is Dr. Otto von Habsburg, who is currently serving as President of the International Paneuropa-Union.